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The present diagram depicts the various stages involved in electricity generation using tidal power in an artificial lagoon. The water required to accomplish the process is supplied from the sea.

Overall, the process involves two main stages, during the second of which electricity is generated. In the first stage, water fills the lagoon, so that it can pass through the turbine in the second stage while exiting the structure.

In the high tide stage, water flows into the lagoon from the sea and through the open inflow gate. The water level rises to the high water mark in a twelve-hour process, during which time the outflow gate is closed, meaning no electricity is yet generated.

In the low tide stage, and once the water level has reached a maximum, the inflow gate is closed, and the outflow gate is opened instead. As water exits the lagoon, it passes through a turbine that is placed at the mouth of the outflow gate and generates electricity. Like the previous one, this stage, too, takes 12 hours.

The estuary levels correspond to the water level in the lagoon; that is, they are high during the first stage and low during the second.

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