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The present line graph provides the percentage of homes without internet access from 2008 to 2014, due to five main reasons.

Overall, lack of interest and skills, which were reported as the two most significant reasons, experienced a rising trend throughout the period. The other three factors, however, remained largely unchanged, almost returning to their initial values by the end of the period.

The more significant factors, lack of interest and skills both exhibited upward trends. In 2008, for instance, about 32% of homes found the internet not useful or interesting enough, a figure which rose at different rates to a peak of 60% in 2013. After this dramatic rise, the figures dropped steadily to about 52% in 2014. Lack of skills, on the other hand, experienced a similar rise between 2008 and 2010 (from about 14% to about 22%) yet remained unchanged until 2012, at which point it dropped to 20%, followed by a soaring of more than 10% and finishing at about 32%.

On the other hand, high equipment and access costs accounted for about 15% and 11% respectively, with different patterns until 2012, at which point they met at about 15% and remained mostly correlated for the rest of the period and by 2014, both declined to 12%.

Privacy and security were not reported as significant concerns. The corresponding figure for them exhibited imperceptible change, hitting a low of almost zero in 2013, after which concerns grew by about six percent by 2014.

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